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Scoop Whoop | India | August 29, 2016


This Artist’s Evocative Photo Series Perfectly Captures The Everyday Struggles Of Being A Woman


In a world full of prejudices and bias, it is not easy being a woman, the struggle is real. The everlasting oppression, social injustices and abuse, women around the globe have had to constantly assert themselves in society and try to stand up for themselves and fight subjugation. Taking this fight forward is one such artist, Bhargavi Joshi, who wishes to highlight the plight of women in the world and their problems, through her powerful photo series.


Bhargavi is an Indian-Canadian artist and photographer, whose striking piece of work, depicts the everyday struggle of being a woman. 
This evocative series, titled PRINTiED VIOLATION, targets force, rape, domestic abuse, female infanticide and other such brutalities faced by women, all over the world.


In a candid chat with ScoopWhoop, Bhargavi says,

"Having spent my life between Mumbai, Los Angeles and Toronto I noticed a common thread of the harsh reality of the existence of women’s problems. These problems weren’t reserved for the poor or the women in third world countries. Women worldwide were struggling to fight for their rights one way or the other."


Every aspect of the shoot has been meticulously planned with careful attention to detail. The choice of white because the artist wants to draw the attention away from physical traits, race, colour, caste.The women in the series have been made to look like delicate porcelain figures to symbolize how our patriarchal society regards the female sex as delicate and weak.


The black paint and ribbons represent the bondages, society is holding these women hostage to, with little care for their pain and suffering.


"I want people to know that every single woman will be victim to one or more of these violations in her lifetime. It is not something we read in papers and think it could never affect us. It is affecting all of us."


With several cases of rape and abuse against women reported every single day, with women fighting for their right to live, everyday, these thought provoking photographs, hope to impact change. The artist wishes that there is conversation around such issues and things change for the better, for all. 


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Words: Geetanjali Taragi