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The Guardian | UK | November 28, 2016


Whitewashing the abuse of women – in pictures


Photographer Bhargavi Joshi’s series of images represent the violence and injustices that confront women worldwide, regardless of their age, race, culture, education and socio-economic background. The women are painted white to shift the focus from their physical traits, race or culture to their gender, says Joshi

Photographs by Bhargavi Joshi Productions


Girls are more likely than boys to be denied an education, which could open their eyes to new possibilities and job opportunities


Women can be denied independence and freedom of speech and their opinions may be valued less than those of a man in professional and domestic settings


One in three women globally will be sexually or physically assaulted in their lifetimes, most often by a relative


Along with facing the likelihood of being groped or abused, women have to maintain superficial standards of beauty, which can lead them to undergo cosmetic surgeries and procedures


In some countries and cultures, women are not allowed to have control over their own bodies. Millions of women who want to use modern contraception have no access to it, and an estimated 47,000 die each year from unsafe abortions. More female foetuses are aborted than male


Women are held back from progress, education and work. The World Bank says about 155 countries still have at least one law that limits women’s economic opportunities, which is ultimately bad news for the global economy. Women are likely to earn less than a man for doing the same job


Women can be objectified and treated as commodities


In a number of countries, male perpetrators of rape can escape punishment if they marry the victim, or agree a financial settlement with her family. Women are also at risk of genital mutilation: more than 200 million girls and women have undergone FGM in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia

Many women are not free to pursue the path they want to follow in life


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