Printied Violation was created to bring to light to certain women's issues.


Printied Violation, engages the viewer to address sexist views, crime, violence, oppression and injustice that women face worldwide regardless of their age, race, culture, education and socio-economic backgrounds. It is a 9 images series, with 9 women, each representing one of the many violations women suffer. The images illustrate age and racial diversity.


There are many more crimes against women that are not covered in this series like child marriages, human trafficking, flesh trade, elderly abuse and many more. It would be an unending execution if we tried to represent them all. Therefore we created these 9 as a starting point in this important journey, to create awareness, that these issues exist, but also be aware that there are many more crimes and violations that women have to fight for around the world.

I found an amazing storyboard artist who helped bring my vision to paper. His work helped create a visual blueprint to help communicate the idea and my vision for the project to the crew. His work has helped a great deal in bringing this to fruition by inspiring a talented crew to come together for this project. These sketches were done before we got a designer/fashion and hair stylist on board, therefore the final images dont always match the story board as the designer/hair-stylist were brought in to exercise their own vision for the project. 



Every single woman will be victim to one or more of these violations in her lifetime. We need to address them today. We want these images to start that conversation that society avoids, and inspire people to take action against injustice, help victims and educate men and women about these problems, to prevent them from happening in the future.



Each of the images will hold a different truth to the viewer. Each will reflect her/his own truth and experiences.





The White Paint:

The women are painted white, so as to shift the focus from their physical traits, race or culture to the fact that they are women. White is also associated with purity, a term women in many cultures are forced to identify with and live by. The women in the series are made to look like delicate porcelain figures to symbolize how our patriarchal society regards the female sex as delicate and weak.

The Black Paint and Ribbon:

The black paint and ribbon represent how the very same cultures that hold women hostage to purity standards, completely disregard the pain and suffering our society inflicts upon them. 

The Clothes made with Medical Gauze:

The clothes have been draped using white medical gauze to symbolize the wrapping of women’s wounds that society is adamant on concealing, instead of crusading against injustice and stopping these violent crimes at their source.The wardrobe shows clothes from daily situations in women’s lives to portray that these problems aren’t reserved for just the poor and third world countries. They affect women from all financial backgrounds and all walks of life.

The Women’s Ethnicities and Age:

We wanted to represent women of various ethnicities to show that the problems addressed surpass geographical and ethnic boundaries. These problems affect women all over the world regardless of race or age. We have therefore shown women of different ages and ethnic origins.



01: Represents groping, molesting and abuse. It also represents the superficial standards of beauty forced upon women today that leads to various surgeries and procedures creating an unhealthy lifestyle.

02: Domestic abuse. 

03: Objectification of women. Women are treated like a commodity, a piece of meat that men can do with as they please with.

04: Shielding women from things that would empower them, or to censor what she may or may not see, experience or learn. To be held back from education and knowledge that could potentially open their eyes to a world of possibilities and empowerment.

05: Represents rape, force, marital rape and genital mutilation.

06: Lack of freedom, whether from education or geography. Not free to pursue what she wants, no choices.

07: Represents female infanticide, killing the girl child and laws against pro-choice for women’s reproductive health.

08: An empowered woman is a threat to misogynists worldwide. An independent woman demands respect and needs a man less, which threatens their very existence. Hence women are held down, held back from progress, education and work. The more a man keeps a woman dependent on him, the more he can control her. Sexism issues disparities like lack of equal opportunities and equal pay at work. Men holding women back from taking their lives and decisions into their own hands. Even educated and established women suffer discrimination at many levels.

09: Curbing independence, freedom of speech and opinions. In professional and domestic environments, many times a woman is taken less seriously than a man. Women’s opinions are mocked and discouraged.



The purpose of these images was not only to create attractive, creative imagery and help draw attention to these issues, but to also help women reach out and get help and education by collaborating with releveant organizations and foundations (in cities around the world where they will be displayed), as well as creating awareness of the existence of these problems.



We hope to release these images through the Internet as well as through publications, billboards, local exhibitions (printed life size), through conventions and conferences worldwide addressing women’s issues and locally through relevant organizations and institutions.

We hope to, in public places like those of food and entertainment, to print postcard size prints with important help and contact information of local organizations that help these causes, to make it easier for women seeking help, to reach out.

We hope to garner the support of celebrities (worldwide) to further help expose the series through their respective social media accounts and charities. 

The farther the reach of these images, the greater the impact for the cause.


If you would like to get involved and help in anyway to spread the message, please do get in touch with us at