Bhargavi Joshi, is a Canadian photographer. Having spent her life between Los Angeles, Toronto and Mumbai, opened her eyes to varied beauty but also exposed her to the harsh reality of certain situations and human condition. This inspired her to conceptually draw attention to problems by creating a strong visual imprint. Her approach is honest and her strength lies in conceptualizing and creative content. 


Bhargavi is inspired by the world’s quirky characters, stories, causes and the fight for justice. Her openness to life and her love for people and knowledge helps her look deeper into the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit. She looks for beauty and humor in unconventional places resulting in work that speaks from the heart. She is committed to using her work to inspire people to make our world honest, rooted in love and a better place. 


To read more about Bhargavi's approach to her work and life, please visit her Blog page.

"With all the scientific and technological advances we have made as a human race, we have failed many times in humanity. Today there are people in our world still fighting for basic human rights. Let us do the best we can, in the best way we know how, but let's do something."